JackpotCity – The city of online slots, jackpots and much more! Well, we could hardly look our readers in the eyes if we did not provide information on one of the world’s most renowned online casinos. So here we are! This review will be an in depth analysis of JackpotCity. We will look at everything from customer support to slots selection and much more. If you want the lowdown on JackpotCity this is it! Let us begin by taking a closer look at the casino games available at JackpotCity.

Slots at JackpotCity

Why not give the many different online slot machines a real try? At JackpotCity there are more than 300 different slots that you can choose between. Are you fan of the new slots? No worries! At the online casino you can find exciting new titles such as Jungle Jim, Twister HD, Reel Spinner and many more. But if you are more for the old timers or the classics then you are in for a real treat as well. At JackpotCity you can find many of the classic games as well. With more than 300 different titles you know that you can always find a new cool slot machine with a hefty jackpot or the perfect theme. Furthermore then you can sort the games so that you can easier find the slots that match your preferences. You can choose either to sort after “new games”, “all games”, and many other settings. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Table games at JackpotCity

Many online gamblers enjoy a good time on the roulette or sitting at the blackjack table. JackpotCity knows that and offers players to participate in the classic table games. There is not that much to be said about the table games at JackpotCity, except that there are the games we have come to expect on online casinos. You can play different variations of the roulette. There are blackjack games with different limit, and multi-hand blackjack. And that is really good to see. Also you can find a live dealer casino at JackpotCity, which we will tell you more about now.

Live casino

Some people have still not tried live casino yet. But luckily more and more people are recognising the endless fun that live casino offers nowadays. What is live casino you ask? Live casino, or live dealer casino, is when the table games are live streamed directly from a land-based casino. The attraction is that you can sit at home behind the desktop computer and gamble. You can put bets on the roulette and wagers on the blackjack table and the live dealers will communicate directly with you. Since the technology has become good enough live casino has been a popular choice with gamblers. At JackpotCity you are able to choose between the classic table games at the casino’s live casino and it works a treat. If you haven’t tried live casino yet, then we urge you to give it a go at JackpotCity. No matter if you win or lose one thing is certain: You will be entertained.

Bold design features

One of the best elements at JackpotCity is the daring design that guests can enjoy. Dark colours and purple dominate JackpotCity’s design. It truly makes JackpotCity ooze of the classic casino atmosphere. It is easy to forget that you are sitting at home gambling, because it really feels like a night at a casino in Monaco when you surf around on this online casino!
The design at this casino is most definitely one of the standout things about the site. It really gives the players a feeling of exclusivity and the atmosphere that many of us are looking for with an online casino.

Jackpot bonanza in the casino city

It can’t really be a surprise that JackpotCity excels when it comes to their jackpots. You can almost be certain to find several jackpots with millions at stake. And if you take a look at the “latest winners” bar then you can see that it is not small prizes that the players tend to win at this casino. So if you are a high roller or you just want to play with some of the best jackpots available then JackpotCity is really for you.
You can find many of the great jackpot games that you want to play on. It’s a really nice opportunity to give you the chance to win big!

Customer support

JackpotCity has a decent customer support without really making a big fuss about it. You can either choose to mail them your problem or you can use the instant live chat. In most cases we would recommend you to choose the live chat, since there can be some waiting time if you send them an email. The live chat operators are generally pleasant to chat with and quite helpful. In our experiences they can help you with many smaller problems that can happen. But if you run into something a bit more difficult then they may ask you to mail it as well. It is not really a bother though, as they can often indicate how long it will take to fix the problem you have.

Bonus opportunities

Looking for a casino bonus? Don’t sweat it! At JackpotCity you’ll find a welcome bonus and also several other types of bonuses that is introduced frequently. It is really easy to get your bonus and as a new player you shouldn’t miss out on it. It’s a great way to get started! We always encourage players to try the casino using a bonus. However, always remember to read the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses!


JackpotCity is an attractive place to play casino games at. They have a great selection of games, a decent selection of table games and much more. The live casino is a real cool thing, and you decide if you play via desktop computer or your mobile phone/tablet.
The bonus is attractive and the design is extraordinary. Give this casino a chance! You will not regret it.